My name is Yarno Boelens and I am a computer science student.
I am very passionate about software development and I am always thinking up new projects to work on.
To me, the most important thing about the products that I make is the quality of both the functionality and the code itself.
I regularly work with (amongst others):

  • PHP (Laravel)
  • JavaScript (jQuery, VueJS, NodeJS)
  • Ruby (on Rails)
  • Java
  • databases (MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL)
  • HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap and SASS

Aside from that I am very passionate about traveling, languages and snowboarding.

What can I do for you?

One of the best ways of getting your brand, product or concepts known to the public is trough a website. I am able to create and deploy a promotional web application using a variety of modern web technologies.

More complex web or desktop applications are something I am very passionate about, the requirements and specifications of which are something that can always be discussed.

To find out more about the options, reach out to me through one of the ways mentioned on the contact page.

(Resume based on The Cousteau by Amy Dozier)